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Intro to Hugging Face

Updated: Nov 18, 2022


While studying AI, we learn to train our own models, but oftentimes, it’s more efficient to take advantage of resources that the AI community has made available. In this workshop, we learned about Hugging Face, one of the most popular open-source hubs for pre-trained models and spaces. Students explored its various models and spaces, playing with demonstrations of video and text generation, like DALL-E mini.

As with most workshops, students had the chance to share and discuss their most interesting findings through the club’s discord forum.


Here are what our members came up with using demos on Hugging Face.

Join our discord server to access our workshop forums, where members share and discuss their creations and discoveries!

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Alexander Grunewald
Alexander Grunewald
Nov 18, 2022

This is really cool!

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